Trade your MXC Rep for MXC Merch

Every day more and more people participate in our Telegram community. And we absolutely love it. As a “thank you” for joining the #MXCFam and sharing the MXC dream, we want to send you something nice.

Webcam Cover

1.000 REP

Keep your private moments safe by covering the webcam on your laptop. MXC’s webcam cover keeps you secure without becoming an eye-sore for yourself, or those around you.

USB Card

2.999 REP

USB sticks are totally yesterday. The MXC USB card is the best USB enabled accessory for your wallet. Travel with up to 4 GB of data in your wallet. Our USB card truly shines when you take it out and your coworkers, friends and family discover just how much of an MXC fan you are.

MXC TV T-Shirt

3.999 REP

Love the news updates? Get the MXC TV T-Shirt! Amazing style has never been this comfortable before.

“Run MXC” T-Shirt

3.999 REP

One of our first t-shirts and definitely a fan favorite! Get the attention of your friends and family with the Run MXC T-Shirt.

Sticker Pack

999 REP

Get your MXC Sticker pack, with four of our most popular stickers. Stick ’em on your computers, or doors or anywhere you like. With these stickers around, nobody will ever doubt your ability to judge an amazing project.


999 REP

Nothing quite like the stylish and functional MXC pen to catch the eye of those around you.

MXC Sweater WhiteMXC Sweater Black

MXC Sweater

5.999 REP

There’ll be no sweat in the coolest MXC Sweater you’ll ever own! Whether out on the town or just chilling at home, this stylish sweater not only makes you look good, but shows the world that you support the coolest Crypto Token ever!

*Please order 2 sizes larger than you usually wear. Eg: If you usually wear M please get an XL